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East Sussex - Iron Country
(Beanie Checklist A-C)

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Current Beanies as at 01/03/2000

Beanie Babies Check List
Picture Name of Beanie Birthday    
1997 Teddy December 25, 1996   Retired
1998 Holiday Teddy bear December 25, 1998   Retired
99holiday.gif (722 bytes) 1999 Holiday Bear December 25,1999   Retired
1999 Signature bear     Retired
2000 Signature bear     Retired
Ally the alligator March 14, 1994   Retired
Almond the beige bear April 14, 1999   Retired
Amber the gold tabby February 21, 1999   Retired
Ants the anteater November 7, 1997   Retired
Ariel the bear     Current
Aruba the Angel fish     Current
Aurora the polar bear     Current
  Baldy the Eagle February 17, 1996   Retired
Bananas the Orangutan     Current
  Batty the ty-dye bat  October 29, 1996   Retired
B.B. Bear the birthday bear     Retired
Beak the ty-dye kiwi bird February 3, 1998   Retired
Bernie the St. Bernard October 3, 1996   Retired
Bessie the cow June 27, 1995   Retired
Blackie the bear July 15, 1994    Retired
Blizzard the white tiger December 12, 1996   Retired
  Bones the dog January 18, 1994   Retired
Bongo the monkey August 17, 1995   Retired
Britannia the bear Ty UK Exclusive
December 15, 1997
Bronty the ty-dye brontosaurus [ UNKNOWN]   Retired
Bruno the terrier September 9, 1997   Retired
Bubbles the fish July 2, 1995   Retired
Bucky the beaver June 8, 1995   Retired
Bumble the bee [ UNKNOWN]   Retired
Bushy the lion     Current
Butch the bull terrier October 2, 1998   Retired
Buzzy the Buzzard     Current
Canyon the cougar May 29, 1998   Retired
Cashew the bear     Current
Caw the crow [ UNKNOWN]   Retired
Cheeks the baboon May 18, 1999   Retired
Cheezer the mouse     Current
Chilly the bear [ UNKNOWN]   Retired
China the Panda     Current
Chip the cat January 26, 1996   Retired
Chipper the Chipmunk April 21, 1999   Retired
Chocolate the moose April 27, 1993   Retired
Chops the lamb May 3, 1996   Retired
Chinook the Bear
(Canadian exclusive)
Cinders the black Bear     Current
Claude the crab September 3, 1996   Retired
Congo the gorilla November 9, 1996   Retired
Coral the ty-dye fish March 2, 1995   Retired
Crunch the shark January 13, 1996   Retired
Cubbie the bear November 14, 1993   Retired
Curly the bear April 12, 1996   Retired

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