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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News – Tuesday 19th June 2001-06-20

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Hello everyone, have you got the five new Beanie Babies that came out this month yet? 

They are
 DIZZY the dalmation
FRILLS the hornbill
PROPELLER the flying fish
MR the groom bear
MRS the bride bear
If not, don’t leave it too long - Frills has been retired already!

Dearest bear has arrived in shops over here, much to my annoyance, as it was supposed to be an American exclusive, and I already paid £19 for it! Still, you win some, you lose some. This bear is also now retired, and so get it while you can. Patriot bear is now being produced in a reversed colour scheme, and rumour has it that there is going to be a new e-beanie soon.

Has anybody managed to collect a whole set of Issy bears yet? To date I have seven – still a long way to go! I have Berlin, Boston, Cairo, Caracas, Chiang Mai, Lisbon and Philadelphia.

Happy Beanie hunting. 

Love from Wendy.

E-mail wendy@villagenet.co.uk.

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