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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News – Tuesday 19th June 2001-06-20

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A new batch of Beanie Babies have been released, and they have just started to arrive in the shops. They are;-

 BRIGITTE the pink poodle
 CLASSY the people’s Beanie
 CELEBRATE (To celebrate Ty’s 15 years in business
 DARLING the dog
 SIAM the cat

Also the first three of a set of birthday bears – one for each month of the year. The first three to appear are;-


There is also a new e-Beanie, TRADEE bear, which once again can be ordered on the Ty website for just five dollars plus p & p – so long as you have an American address. Come on Ty – how about a bit of consideration for your many “foreign” collectors?

Issy bear is about to retire. At the weekend, when I first wrote this out in readiness for typing, my collection of Issy bears numbered twelve. However, on a visit to my favourite Beanie shop this morning to buy the new ones, I also managed to come back with another eight Issy bears! I bought a special box to put them in on Monday, it just holds twenty bears, and so it is filled up already!

It is rumoured that DIZZY the dalmation has now been produced with coloured spots. I have not seen this variation yet, but I will certainly be looking out for it.

 All for now.

Love from Wendy.

E-mail wendy@villagenet.co.uk.

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