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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News – Beanie News. 8th September 2001.

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      Having recently returned from a weeks holiday in Norfolk, I thought that I had better bring the Beanie news up to date.

      Mid August saw the release of a new  Canadian exclusive bear – PIERRE. Also, Ty have teamed up with MBNA American Bank in an online credit card promotion. Successful applicants for a “Ty Platinum Plus Mastercard” will be sent a free “M.C. BEAR “ after their first purchase using the card. The offer is limited to one bear per customer per year. The card is only available to U.S. residents, and so once again, as with the e-Beanies, we don’t get a look in.

      Ten new location Issy bears have also been released.

     Four new Beanie Babies are being released for Halloween this year. They are;-

                      HAUNT-The black bear with gold speckles.

                       CREEPERS-The skeleton (black cloak).

                      SCARY-The witch (green face).

                      FRAIDY- The shaggy black cat with an orange collar.

      Did I bring any Beanies back from Norfolk? I’m afraid so, I came back the proud owner of an Addison and a Tradee bear!

     All for now. Enjoy your collecting.

Love from Wendy.


 October the bear has now been released


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