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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News - 13th October 2001.

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Hi, how is the collecting going? I really must have a count up of my Beanies sometime, as I have no idea how many I have now! All I can tell you is that they have expanded to fill three chests of drawers and two boxes! Also my Buddy Bear collection now numbers nearly 40, and our bedroom is rapidly running out of space!

Anyway, on to this months releases. Six new Beanie Babies this month;-
2001 Holiday Teddy
Beani the cat
Jinglepup the dog
Kirby the terrier
Mistletoe the bear
November birthday bear

2001 Holiday Bear Buddy has also been released, making this the first time a Beanie
Baby and itís Buddy couterpart have been issued at the same time. The European exclusive Unity Bear has also been released as a Buddy, and so too has the 1997 Holiday Teddy. Beware when you see it, it is seriously lovable, and youíll just have to buy it!

Yes, so all in all a very expensive month!

A fourth version of Dizzy the Dalmation has now turned up. This one has coloured ears and black spots. I have managed to get all four versions, but what a crafty way to get us to spend even more money!

Well, thatís about it for now. Carry on collecting!

Love from Wendy.

E-mail wendy@villagenet.co.uk.

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