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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News      8th November 2001-11-08

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Hi everybody! As the festive season approaches I hope you are all managing to collect the Christmas Beanies. After a long wait MISTLETOE, KIRBY and BEANI are finally arriving in our shops. I still have not managed to find any sign of AMERICA BEAR though.

There are four versions of JINGLEPUP to collect, these are;-

Green trimmed hat, white tail tip.
Green trimmed hat, green tail tip.
White trimmed hat, white tail tip.
White trimmed hat, green tail tip.
New releases for November are;-

DECEMBER birthday bear
CLUBBY 4 (American exclusive)

CLUBBY 4 comes in three versions, with a multicoloured, silver or gold button. However it comes in a sealed container, with a sticker over the button and so you don’t know which you are getting. Some of them are signed by Ty Warner. The man certainly comes up with some very clever marketing ploys!

Another American  exclusive is a set of the four CLUBBY bears in a miniature “Jinglebeanie” version.

All for now. Keep on collecting!

Love from Wendy.

E-mail wendy@villagenet.co.uk.

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