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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News      5th December 2001

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Christmas is galloping towards us at a rate of knots. Hope you have got your Xmas shopping well underway, if not completed. I have only got a few more odds and ends to get. The most important thing being something for my lovely husband - who very unhelpfully keeps telling me he doesn't want anything!

I know I am going to have a very happy Beanie Christmas because the aforementioned lovely husband has got me Pierre bear, and the set of Jinglebeanies.

I finally got my hands on America Bear, but am still after Courage and Rescue. There are also some new releases this month that I will be looking out for.

These are :-

  • JANUARY Birthday Bear

  • CUPID the dog

  • POOFIE the dog

  • and SIZZLE the bear

Yet another version of Jinglepup has emerged - the American Version - green hat trim, white tail tip has been found with  a bow instead of a collar.

Well it just remains for me to wish you all a Merry Beanie Christmas and a very Happy Beanie New Year. May your Christmas stockings be full of all the Beanies you want!

See you next year

Love from xx


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