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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  Friday 5th April 2002
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Wow! What a change in the weather! The last two days have been so warm and sunny. Yesterday afternoon I was out in my garden in a sun-top and shorts for the first time this year. It looks like today is going to be lovely too. Spring has arrived at last! April has also arrived, and with it a new batch of our favourite Beanies.

The new releases are;-

  • CHAMPION the World Cup Bears,
    (of which there are 32 Ė one representing each country participating).
  • HERDER the sheepdog
  • MATTIE the cat
  • MAY the birthday bear
  • POPS the Fatherís Day bear
  • SMARTER the owl 2002
  • TOOTHY the dinosaur
  • Ty are also producing 32 CHAMPION Buddie bears to match the 32 Beanie Babies World Cup bears.

That is going to prove mighty expensive to anyone wanting to collect the whole set!
HERO, last years Fatherís Day bear, has also been released as a Buddie this month.

The other day I had a browse at the Ty Store on the Ty web site, and was most surprised and delighted to see that the rest of us that donít live in America can now place an order! I have ordered AMERICA bear, red and white versions, and SPECKLES buddie. Not a moment too soon it seems, as apparently both red AMERICA and SPECKLES Buddie are both now sold out and retired! I have just got to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery now. I will have forgotten that I ordered them by then, and so they will be a surprise when they arrive!

It is our wedding anniversary tomorrow, and my lovely husband has bought me the Asian-Pacific Flower Bears for a present. They make a lovely colourful addition to the ever growing collection. Well, that is all for now. Enjoy the lovely weather. See you next month.

Love from xx

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