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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  Tuesday 4th June 2002
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Hello to all you Beanie lovers out there. Hope you had a good Jubilee Weekend. We had a street party where we live, which was a lot of fun! If you are interested in seeing some pictures of the event, please here.
The weather was very kind to us too that makes a change!

New Beanie Babies to look out for this month are;-

BABY BOY the bear
BABY GIRL the bear
BOOTIES the cat
LIGHTENING the horse
PRINZ VON GOLD the bear (German exclusive)
SERENITY the dove
SLEDGE the hammerhead shark

There are three new Buddie Bears, these are;-


NIPPONIA (Japanese exclusive)

In mid May POP-E Bear was available from the Ty Store for one whole day! Yes, it was retired just 24 hours after it was released!

More next month.

Love xx

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