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Beanie News  -  4th August 2002
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Beanie News      4th  August 2002


Hello! It is hard to believe that yet another month has flown by. Here we are, still waiting for summer to arrive! It is pouring hard today, and yesterday morning we had what could only be described as a tropical downpour. The roads were running like rivers, lightening flashed, and there were some very loud clashes of thunder. Me and my Beanies remained safe and dry indoors!


Well, we have a few new Beanies to look out for this month;-

PEGASUS the winged horse

SHERBERT the bear – 3 different coloured versions – aqua, yellow and pink

SEPTEMBER birthday bear (2nd edition)

TOOTER the dinosaur

ZOOM the turtle

Just one new Buddy bear this month;-


All for now, “see you” next month, if we haven’t all been washed away by then!

Love xx

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