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East Sussex - Iron Country
(Collectors Corner)

Cuddly Collection Continuation.
by Wendy
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Hello there, it's me again, keeping you up to date with my rapidly growing cuddly collection.
Well, having purchased all of the latest Beanie Babies, until the next release, not to be deterred I have turned my attention to greater things! Mainly to the larger Ty plush dogs mentioned in my last article, that are adorning the back of our sofa. A quick foray into Tenterden this week unearthed two more I had not got in my favourite teddy shop over there. Now I have a grand total of twelve dogs. They are, Elvis, Sherlock, Taffy, Baby Patches, Chips, Pepper, Corky, Rusty, Toffee, Tracker, Winston and Churchill, (the last two being-quite as you might expect-a large and a small bulldog!)

I now seem to have a small collection of Ty 'big' bears, which live in the bedroom. It is my husband's fault {again!). He bought me my first one, --Cranberry Teddy. They are so soft and cuddly, who could resist them? Not me obviously! I have also got 'big' Princess, 'big' Erin, 'big' Hope and 'big' Millenium. We may need to put a shelf up for them soon, as it is a bit of a performance every night shifting them off of the bed so that we can get in it!

I have been trying to get hold of a spare Britannia bear, with the idea of advertising it on the Internet for a swap of Germania bear. I finally got hold of a Britannia a couple of weeks ago, along with a Peace bear. However, having checked the labels against those on my original pair, I have found that one of each of them is made in Indonesia, and one of each is made in China! I can not possibly use them for swaps now. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

It's nice to see that a couple of the shops in Battle have cut the price of their Beanie Babies-maybe they read my last article?! Could this be the beginning of a price war? It's good for us collectors anyway!

Happy collecting-Love Wendy.

Well, that's my lot for now. I have told you how my collection is coming along, now how about yours? It doesn't matter what you collect, we would love to hear about it. Come on, share your passion with the rest of us mad collectors!


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