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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -   1st November 2002
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Hello again, How the months fly by.

How is the collecting going?

There was a lot to get last month. I've just finished buying the last few "Jingle Beanies". I found they varied in price quite a lot from shop to shop. One shop had them at 3.50 each, a couple of shops had them at 2.99, but the best of all was "Pop-In Accessories" in Priory Meadow Shopping Centre in Hastings. There they were only 2.49 each so I wished I had gone there first!

A few new bears appeared last month:-

DAFFODIL (European Exclusive)
ROSE (European Exclusive)
THISTLE (European Exclusive)

They make a very colourful addition to the collection.

KANATA the new Canadian exclusive bear that came out last month comes in 13 different versions - one for each Canadian province. The labels have the different flag on for each province.

Now on to the new releases for November:-

CHARMER the Unicorn.
DECEMBER the birthday bear (2nd Edition).
HERALD the angel bear.
HODGE-PODGE the multicoloured dog.

At least we've not got too many to buy this month and this is probably just as well, with Christmas racing towards us at a rate of knots!

Happy collecting

Love xx

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