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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -   1st February 2003
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Hi there ! February has arrived already and with a flurry of snow. Is this just a taste of things to come? I must say that having three small dogs and two cats that are constantly in and out , I much prefer the ground frozensolid than when its soggy mud!

Lots of new releases again this month,
Color Me Beanie Bunny (in case)
Dippy the Bunny
Eggs III the bear
Lullaby the lamb
March the birthday bear (2nd Edition)
Nibbles the bunny

Of course it is nearly Easter again and there are some new Basket Beanies,
these are:-

Eggs II
Eggs III

I have also come across three other Beanie Babies on the Ty website that I have not seen before. These are:-

Sparkles the bear - Jan 2003 Beanie of the month.
Holmes the dog - Feb 2003 Beanie of the month
Dreamer the bear - Mar 2003 Beanie of the month

As yet I have not found any information on the Beanie Babies, and so do not know if they are to become generally available or not, I will let you know as and when I can find out anything about them.

There are a couple of Ty Store exclusive Beanies, these are:-

Punxsutawney e Phil the groundhog
and for Valentines day
Kiss-e the bear

Looks like being another expensive month.

Keep collecting - More next month.


Happy collecting

Love xx

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