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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -   4th March 2003
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Spring is in the air, and once again the frogs are busy in our ponds. They are singing very loudly and producing lots of spawn. Once again Ty Warner is busy producing lots of beanies for us to add to our collections!

New Beanie Babies for this month,
APRIL the birthday bear(2nd Edition)
BUTTERCREAM the bunny(April beanie of the month)
CAPPUCCINO the cat (May Beanie of the month)
DECADE the bear
FRISCO the cat
LUCK-e the bear (Ty Store exclusive)
MOTHER the bear
NUTTY the squirrel
ZEUS the mouse

New Buddy Bears for March :-
SHERBET (yellow and green version)

I have finally found out about the Ty "Beanie of the Month". These are only available by subscription, from the Ty Store.

"See" you next month.


Happy collecting

Love xx

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