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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -   4th April 2003
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Hi everyone!. What a lovely day it has been today. Really warm, mowing the lawn this afternoon was actually a pleasure! Everything in the garden is growing like mad, and the Acers in my garden are getting ready to burst into leaf.

Bursting onto the scene are ten new Beanie Babies this month.
They are:-

DUCK-e the duck (Ty Store exclusive)
DECADE the bear (blue)
DECADE the bear (white)
FILLY the horse.
MAY the birthday bear (2nd edition)
PAPPA the bear
SMARTEST the owl
SPORT the dog
WISH the starfish
YOURS TRULY the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown Edition)


That is quite enough to keep us all going until next month!.

"See" you next month.

Happy collecting

Love xx

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