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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  8th July 2003
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Hi everybody! Apologies for the lack of Beanie News last month. We have just moved house, and apart from the usual hassle and chaos we were without a phone line for the best part of a month, and hence no internet connection.

Still we are gradually getting straight, and the computer is now up and running again, and so to get us all up to date here are the new Beanie Babies releases for June and July;-


  • BLESSED the bear

  • COLOSSO the mammoth

  • FANCY the cat

  • FIDGET the dog

  • FROSTY the bull

  • JULY birthday bear (2nd edition)

  • L’AMORE the dog

  • LUMBERJACK the beaver

  • MUDDY the dog

  • RONNIE the bear

  • RUMBA the tiger

  • SHERBET the bear-pink

  • SHERBET the bear-lilac

  • SHERBET the bear-blue

  • SPORT the dog

  • TRUE the bear (Canadian exclusive)

  • WHITE the bear

A good few to keep us all busy collecting! Have fun, see you all next month.

Love xx

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