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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  4th August 2003
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Hope you are all enjoying the hot weather. I certainly am, trying to get to grips with the garden here at our 'new' house. We've gone from a very small garden to a very large garden, which needs a lot doing to it. It's certainly a challenge, but one which I welcome!

Lots of new Beanies to add to the collection this month.

Amigo the dog
Bonzer the Koala bear
Bubbly the bear
Fizz the bear
Khufu the camel (August 2003 beanie of the month)
Orion the lion
Premier the bear (UK exclusive)
Quivers the ghost bear
Ronnie the bear(U.S.A exclusive)
Tricky the bear

There was also a late July addition to the range
William the bear(European exclusive)
2 versions one with a closed book on chest - the other an open book on chest.

See you next month

Love xx

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