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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  10th September 2003
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Hi, sorry to be so late into the month with the Beanie News. The weather has been so fantastic that I have been spending all the time I can in the garden. Where we have moved to we now have a nice big garden, and I am very busy digging and planting beds and borders all over the place ! Totally in my element, up to my eyes in plants and manure!

Well, brace yourself for this months list of new releases - it's a big one!

Colour me Beanie Birthday Kit the bear
Colour me Beanie Birthday Kit the unicorn
Colour me Beanie Birthday Kit the dog
Colour me Beanie Birthday Kit the cat
Decade the bear - orange
Decade the bear - purple
Hamlet the pig
Kippy the dog ( September 2003 Beanie of the month)
Mandy the panda
Sherwood the bear
Tangles the cat
Toast the bear
Tommy the turkey

There, a fair few to get to grips with "see you" next month.

Love xx

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