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East Sussex - Iron Country
(Collectors Corner)

Beanie Update 16th March 2000.
by Wendy

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Hi  there Beanie Fans! At last the wait is nearly over. The new range of Ty Beanie Babies should be starting to arrive in our shops in April.

Here is a list of the newly released Beanies:-

2000 Signature Bear
Aurora the Polar Bear
Bushy the Lion
Fleecie the Lamb
Frigid the Penguin
Glow the Lightning Bug
Grace the Bunny
Halo II the Angel Bear
Morrie the Eel
Niles the Camel
Rufus the Dog
Sarge the German Shepherd
Scurry the Beetle
Sneaky the leopard
Springs the Lavender Bunny
Swampy the Alligator
Swoop the Pterodactyl
The Beginning Bear
Trumpet the Elephant
and Wiggly the Octopus.

For pictures see our full listing, which shows all the current and retired Beanies.

Well, I hope you all managed to complete your collection of all the now retired Beanies, especially as there were quite a few bears at the end there! I was lucky enough to have collected enough receipts/points  from previous purchases to get all the bears without having to buy too many ‘repeats’ of Beanies I already had. The few extra I did have to buy, came in very handy as Christmas presents! The only bear I had trouble getting was ‘The End’. I ended up purchasing it through an internet auction site. It was quite exciting really, waiting to see if my bid was accepted! I needn’t have worried as it happened, as of 30 bears being auctioned, only about 4 people, myself included put in a bid! Still it was a fun way to complete my collection.

If you are suffering withdrawal symptoms from Beanie collecting while we wait for the new arrivals to appear in the shops-----panic not! McDonalds have just issued a new set of Teenie Beanie Babies, and so you will have to get munching those “Happy Meals”!

Now, where’s my daughter…………….?
What do you mean, you’re sick of burgers from the last time…………….
I need those Teenie Beanie Babies.



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