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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  4th November 2003
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Hello again. Where has the year gone? It is nearly Christmas again, and it doesn’t seem like five minutes since the last one! We have just had a large chunk of garden dug out where we intend to construct a conservatory. All the weeks of dry weather that we have had and it did nothing but rain during and since the digging – the result- one quagmire!I will be glad when the construction work is finished, but that will be a few months yet I am afraid.

Anyway, a whole host of new Beanies to cheer us up this month;

  • COMET the bear (November 2003 Beanie of the month)

  • FINS the seal

  • MUKLUK the dog

  • STAR the angel bear (with gold star)

  • STAR the angel bear (with blue star)

  • TOM-e the turkey (Ty store exclusive)

  • TOBOGGAN the penguin

Of course Christmas would not be complete without a new batch of Jingle Beanies! This year we have;-

  • 2000 HOLIDAY TEDDY the bear

  • 2002 HOLIDAY TEDDY the bear (green)

  • 2002 HOLIDAY TEDDY the bear (red)

  • CHILLIN the snowman

  • DECADES the bears (set of 4 –club exclusives)

  • FLAKEY the bear

  • HERALD the bear

  • JANGLE the cat

  • ROXIE the reindeer

Plenty of stocking fillers for your favourite Beanie collectors! More next month.

Love from Wendy.

Love xx

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