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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  6th January 2004

Hello and a happy new year! Hope you have all survived the festivities relatively unscathed! We had a brilliant Christmas and new year, spent with very good friends.

  Despite the weather, which seems to be fairly reasonable until my husband decides to have a couple of days off, or the weekend arrives, our conservatory is going up bit by bit. We did have a bit of a set back, however, when we found that we had been sent no window seals, and worse still, no door frame! Still we are in receipt of those pieces now, and so progress will continue this weekend. I am looking forward to the roof going on – at least then we won’t have to siphon out the floor every time it rains!

Anyway, to get back to the plot! A nice lot of new releases to kick start the new year;-

CHOPSTIX the monkey
CORSAGE the bear
DECADE (brown) the bear
DEMURE the poodle
JERSEY the cow (January 2004 Beanie of the month)
KILLARNEY the bear
LEFTY 2004 the donkey
PUNXSUTAWN-e PHIL 2004 the groundhog (Ty store exclusive)
PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL 2004 the groundhog
RIGHTY 2004 the elephant

For those of you , like me, who collect Buddie Bears, there are two new ones this month;-


That’s all for now folks – got to go and put the Christmas decorations away now as it is 12th night! Soon be time to get them all out again!

More next month.

Love xx

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