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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  2nd February 2004

Hi everybody. First month of the new  year gone already, and today is our Pomeranian’s birthday. She is four years old today – happy birthday Lucy!
Well, we have a roof on our conservatory now – and it doesn’t leak!
What a luxury! It is starting to look very nice, and it will be a good size room. Now
we have to wait for the floor to dry out before we can put down the under floor heating and the ceramic floor tiles. It  could be a long wait with the kind of
temperatures we have been having lately!

At least the snow did not last long. I was at the vets with one of our dogs when that lot descended! It was okay when I went in there, but by the time I came out, just twenty minutes later, everything was covered in a fair old layer of snow. I was very glad that I did not have too far to drive home. I have never driven in snow before, and I hope that I never have to again. It was not an experience that I enjoyed!

Right, enough chit-chat! Down to the real business. Quite a few new Beanies this month, predominantly bears again, but of course with the predictable sprinkling of Easter bunnies! Here is the list of new ones to look out for;-

  • EGGERTON the bunny

  • EGGS 2004 the bear

  • GODDESS the swan

  • HEARTTHROB the bear (February 2004 Beanie of the month)

  • IT’S A BOY the bear

  • IT’S A GIRL the bear

  • JACK the bear (U.K exclusive)

  • SMOOCH-e the bear (Ty store exclusive)

  • SPRINGFIELD the bunny

Just in time for Easter of course we have a new batch of Basket Beanies;-

  • CARNATION the cat

  • LULLABY the lamb

  • NIBBLES the bunny

  • PETEY the bunny

 There are three new Buddie bears this month;-

  • KISS-e (Ty store exclusive)

  • MR the groom bear

  • MRS the bride bear

 Well, that’s all folks – as a certain bunny once said! More next month.

Love xx

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