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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  4th March 2004

Hello again already! Another month gone. Our conservatory is progressing nicely. We now have power cables in it, and even workibg double sockets! I spent an enjoyable afternoon sloshing a coat of PVA on the floor to seal it, in preparation for laying underfloor heating cables, and the floor tiles. It will be nice to see it all finished. Anyway, enough of the conservatory update and on to the Beanie update. Lots of new ones this month, and so get your wallets ready!

  • BLARN-e the dog (Ty store exclusive)

  • CINTA the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive)

  • DEUTSCHLAND the bear (German Exclusive)

  • GIRAFFITI the giraffe

  • HANNAH the bear (Asia Pacific exclusive)

  • JIMBO the elephant

  • JOAQUIM the bear (Asia Pacific exclusive)

  • KOOKIE the dog

  • MOTHER 2004 the bear

  • MYSTIQUE the tiger

  • NARA the bear (Asia Pacific exclusive)

  • NEW YORK the bear

  • NEW YORK the NY bear

  • OCKER the bear (Asia Pacific exclusive)

  • PEEPERS the March 2004 beanie of the month

  • SILVER the bear (Asia Pacific exclusive)

  • VEGAS the zebra

New Buddy Bears



It's going to be an expensive month! See you next month - (about 5 minutes time)

Love xx

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