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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  5th April 2004

Here we are again racing into Spring and those inevitable April showers, I love this this month. I get enormous pleasure from seeing all the plants coming to life after their winter hibernation. Its good to be back out in the garden again, albeit in wellies and a thick coat!

For the benefit of anyone who is the slightest bit interested, we now have a nearly useable conservatory! The floor tiles are laid and grouted , and the ceiling light is up, and there is just a bit of "odd-jobbing" to do. Can't wait to move the furniture in - and of course the plants.

Right now, onto the important matter of this months new Beanies. Quite a few again.

  • CLASS OF 2004 the Owl

  • DEAR the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive)

  • EGGBEART the bear

  • PAPPA 2004 the bear

  • PINATA the bear (two versions)

  • SHASTA the bear

  • SLICK the fox

  • THANK YOU BEAR (April 2004 Beanie of the Month)

Just one new Beanie Buddie Bear :-

DAD-e (Ty Store Exclusive)

Have a good Easter. More next month.

Love xx

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