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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  5th May 2004

I can't believe we are into May already! This year is going by so fast. Hope you had a good May Day Bank Holiday. The weather was a bit mixed , but at least we had some sun in our part of the country - quite good for a Bank Holiday really.

Here is a list of this months new beanies

  • LUAU the pig

  • MOM-e 2004 (Ty store exclusive)

  • MARSHALL the horse

  • SAM the bear (white)

  • SAM the bear (red)

  • SAM the bear (blue)

  • SAPPHIRE the bear (May 2004 beanie of the month)

  • TIPSY the cow

There are also a few new Beanie Buddy Bears


  • BLUE


  • RED

Enjoy your collecting. "See you" in June !

Love xx

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