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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  2nd June 2004

Hello, here we are again. What a wet day it has been today. I got soaked walking the dogs. Still it was much needed by the garden. Everything is shooting up like mad now - especially the weeds! Beanies are popping up like mad too - would you believe there are a massive 16 new Beanie Babies this month!
They are as follows:-

  • ARLENE the cat

  • CHARI LEE the bear

  • COUNTESS the ladybird (June 2004 Beanie of the month)

  • DAD-e-2004 the bear (Ty Store exclusive)

  • GARFIELD the cat

  • HERS the bear

  • HIS the bear

  • HUGGINS the dog

  • JAZ the cat

  • JUMPSHOT the giraffe

  • LEGEND the dragon

  • LOVIS the mouse

  • LUCA the dog

  • NERMAL the cat

  • ODIE the dog

  • UNION the bear

One new Beanie Buddy Bear this month:-

  • HERO

Plenty there to collect this month, must remember to ask the boss for a payrise! See you next month.

Love from xx

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