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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  1st July 2004

Greetings Beanieholice. What a strange summer we are having fo far. Very dry and sunny but with very little let-up with the contstantly blowing wind. When we get cloud, and it looks like it will rain, it doesn't happen - or not enough to do any good. The garden desperately needs a good drop of rain. No amount of water from the hosepipe seems to have the same effect on the plants.

I didn't think much of those gale force winds we had last week.

Having spent the last year trying to make the garden look nice, just as most of the plandts were coming to their peak a lot of them were taken down by the wind. I spnt 5 1/2 hours out there the day after, just cleaning up the debris and trying to resurect some of the flattened plants.

Right, now onto tis months new Beanie Babies. Would you believe there is a massive record breaking 22 new Beanies this month !! Here goes:-

ARIA the cat
AVALON the horse
BANJO the dog
CHILI the bear
DOMINION the moose
DURANGO the horse
FITZ the dog
FUSSY the cat
GRIZWALD the bear
GYPSY the cat
HEIRESS the cat
HUNTLEY the bear
JUNEAU the dog
LIBERT-e the bear(Ty Store exclusive)
OHH-LA-LA the dog
RATZO the rat
SCAMPY the dog
SCRAPPY the dog
SWINGER the monkey
TWITCH the guinea pig
WHITTLE the bear
YAPPER the dog

That is an awful lot to collect, lets hope Ty doesn't churn them out like that every month !

All for now
from xx

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