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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  4th September 2004

Now we are into September the mornings are becoming cold and damp, however they are very fresh and pleasant. The garden is now starting to loose some of its summer colour, however new flowers keep appearing, and the colours are starting to go to the yellows and
browns we know and love.

There are loads of new Beanies this month, I think TY must be trying to break a monthly record.

They are:-

Alps the dog (Sept 2004 beanie of the month)
Big Apple the bear
Columbus the bear
Count the bear
Denver the bear
Discover the bear (Canada exclusive)
Grandfather the bear
Grandmother the bear
Happy Birthday the bear
Little Feather the bear
Pippo the bear (Italy exclusive)
Pooky the bear
Seattle the bear
Shivers the ghost bear
Twilight the owl
Victory the bear

All the US State bears are exclusive to their own state
California the bear
Colorado the bear
Florida the bear
Georgia the bear
Illinois the bear
Kansas the bear
Massachusetts the bear
Minnesota the bear
New York State the bear
Ohio the bear
Pennysylvania the bear
Washington the bear

Thankfully there are no new Buddy Bears! Well, thats all again for this month.
As Autumn is drawing around us, we will soon have to get our coats and wellingtons
out ready for the winter months which are coming towards us much too quickly.
from xx

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