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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News  -  5th October 2004

Here we are again, and autumn has swept in with a vengeance. The strong winds we have been experiencing have blown most of the leaves off our lovely old walnut tree. The nights are really drawing in now, and it was dark by 7 o'clock yesterday evening. My husband hates this time of year as he ends up going to work in the dark, and also coming home in the dark, and seeing very little of daylight  in between !

Well, it looks like Ty is trying to break the world Beanie record yet again - a staggering 31 new Beanie babies this month! Get your credit cards ready! they are:-

2004 Holiday Teddy - the bear
BAHATI the african elephant
BIXBY - the bear
BOSTON - the bear
CRINKLES - the shar-pei
CUTESY - the dog
DIGGS - the dog
DODSON - the jaguar
ENGLAND - the bear (UK exclusive)
FIREPLUG - the October 2004 Beanie of the month
FLEUR - the cat
GIFT(Green) - the bear (Hallmark exclusive)
GIFT(White) - the bear (Hallmark exclusive)
GIFT(Red) - the bear (Hallmark exclusive)
HAWTHORNE - the bear
JINXY - the cat
KRINGLE - the bear
LANI - the bear
LAPTOP - the cocker spaniel
MOOSLETOE - the moose
NAMI - the black rhino
NINA - the bear
OLD TIMER - the bear (Cracker Barrel exclusive)
PINTA - the bear
SANTA MARIA - the bear
SCOTLAND - the bear (UK exclusive)
SLEIGHBELLE - the reindeer (white)
SLEIGHBELLE - the reindeer (green)
STOCKINGS - the bear
TORONTO - the bear
WALES - the bear (UK exclusive)

Phew that's a lot!
There are four new Buddy Bears :-

2003 Holiday Teddy
QUIVERS - the ghost bear
SWEETEST - the bear
WORLD CLASS - the bear (In Stadium exclusive)

This is where I would normally say thats all folks - see you next month - however thats not all! There are 5 new Jingle Beanies:-

2003 Holiday Teddy - the bear
MELTON - the snowman
RUDY - the reindeer
STAR - the angel bear
TOBOGGAN - the penguin

As if thats not enough Ty has brought out HALLOWEEN BEANIES. There are five of them, and they are:-

BAT-e - the bat
FRAIDY - the cat
QUIVERS - the ghost bear
SCARED-e - the cat
TRICKY - the bear

Better start making out your Christmas wish list now!
See you next month
from xx

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