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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News   1st March 2005

Hello, here we are again, and what crazy weather we are having. One minute it is

 snowing, and the next the sun is shining! We have just returned from a weekend in Lincolnshire, and surprisingly we have had more snow down here in East Sussex than they have up there!     It looks very beautiful when it lays, but do take great care if you have to go anywhere in it.

The birds in the garden are costing us a small fortune at the moment. I seem to be refilling the feeders every two to three days. Still it is really worth it to see the variety of feathered friends that we get visiting. We have a female Great Spotted Woodpecker and a pair of Jays that come regularly, and last week I had a surprise visit from a Snipe! The only unwelcome visitor that we get is a Heron. Not that he, (or she), is not a very beautiful bird, in fact, quite the contrary. I just donít want him clearing all of the fish out of the pond!

Right, now down to the serious business of this monthís new Beanies! Thankfully very few this month, and so it gives us a chance to catch up on the millions that Ty have brought out over the last few months. The new Beanie Babies are;-

ADONIS the dog (February 2005 Beanie of the month)
BONNET the bear (Ty store exclusive)
WOOLINS the bear 

Just two new Beanie Buddie bears;-

BONNETT (Ty store exclusive)


Thatís all folks. Enjoy the snow, but keep safe. See you next month.

Love from xx

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