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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News   1st April 2005

Itís that time of the month again already! We had a lovely Easter bank holiday with plenty of sunshine. This week, however, is a different story altogether. Today it is really grey, damp and foggy. Not very conducive to working outside. I am in the process of trying to get all the beds and borders in the garden weeded and edged. Today I think I will give it a miss!
It is lovely to see all the flowers gradually coming in to bloom, and the leaves on the trees beginning to emerge. We have several Acers about to leaf up Ė I canít wait to see them in all their glory again, especially the red ones.

We are continuing to enjoy visits from a good variety of birds. I am somewhat annoyed with the ones that keep pecking all the flowers and buds out of the coloured primroses though .It Ďs not like we donít put out plenty of food for them, and itís not like they are even doing it to eat them Ė they just seem to be doing it for the hell of it! Can anyone tell me why they do it?
The only thing we appear to be missing from the garden this spring is frogspawn. We seem to have one lone frog in the pond at the end of our garden, who sits up there singing
for a mate, but so far, apparently, without success.

Now, down to business. Here are the new releases for this month;-
AUSTRALIA the bear (Australia exclusive)
DEARLY the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive)
FRITTERS the bunny (March 2005 Beanie of the month)
JAPAN the bear (Japan exclusive)
JOKESTER the bear (Ty store exclusive)
KOREA the bear (Korea exclusive)
MALAYSIA the bear (Malaysia exclusive)
MOM the bear
MUM the bear (Europe, Australia, New Zealand exclusive)
NEW ZEALAND the bear (New Zealand exclusive)
SINGAPORE the bear (Singapore exclusive)

Just one new Beanie Buddy bear this month;-
All for now.Love
from xx

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