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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News   1st May 2005

Hello! What a lovely Bank Holiday it has been.
Brilliant weather, we had a very nice barbeque on Sunday. This afternoon I took a walk up the garden, and I was amazed at the number of plants that have suddenly burst into bloom! I was especially amazed at the Irises, the last time I looked at them they weren’t even in bud – and now they are in full flower!

There are lots of new Beanies bursting onto the scene this month! Here is the list:-

BABY BOY the bear
BABY GIRL the bear
BANDAGE the bear
BENJAMIN the bear
CHEESLY the mouse
COOL CAT the cat
DAD the bear
FREE the eagle
HOBO the dog
HOLY FATHER the bear
JOHN the bear
LAS VEGAS the bear (Las Vegas exclusive)
MOM-e 2005 the bear (Ty store exclusive)
NEW JERSEY the bear (New Jersey state exclusive)
OPIE the octopus
SERENADE the robin (April 2005 Beanie of the month)
SMARTY the graduation owl
SMARTY the Ty  store graduation owl
TENNESSEE the bear (Tennessee state exclusive)
THOMAS the bear
VILLAGER the moose (Canada exclusive)
WE DO the bears (Bride and groom)

There are a few new Beanie Buddie bears this month too, they are;-

SAM (Red)
SAM (White)
SAM (Blue)

Lots to look out for! See you next month.

All for now.Love from xx

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