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East Sussex - Iron Country
(Collectors Corner)

Beanie Update
6th September 2000.

by Wendy

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Have you managed to track down all the newest Beanie Babies yet?

 I have got my collection up to date once again.

 For those of you that havenít, here is a list of the newest additions;-

Ariel the bear
Cashew the bear
Cheezer the mouse
Cinders the black bear
Fetcher the dog
India the tiger
Lefty 2000 the donkey (U.S.A exclusive)
Peekaboo the turtle
Righty 2000 the elephant (U.S.A exclusive)
Runner the mustelidae
Sniffer the beagle
Squirmy the worm
U.S.A. the American bear (U.S.A. exclusive)

By the way, for those that donít know and may be wondering, a mustelidae is a ferret or a polecat! Why Ty couldnít have just called it that I donít know.

Although Lefty, Righty and U.S.A. bear are supposed to be U.S.A. exclusives, I have noticed that they seem to be fairly widely available around here Ė at very varying prices too. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether to buy or not, if you wait a while quite often the prices drop, however there is always the possibility that if you wait you miss out. When I first saw the three U.S.A. exclusive Beanies they were £19.95 each Ė a week later they had come down by £5 each. Likewise, a few weeks ago I saw Ariel Bear priced at £17.95, and yet last week I saw it for £7.95 Ė a fairly vast difference!

ďIdeal HomeĒ, a channel on Sky Digital satellite has a Beanie collectors program every Thursday evening 10pm to 12 midnight, and some of the prices on there never cease to amaze me! Lefty and Righty 2000 were £49.95 each! They also had Sakura, the Japanese exclusive bear for £170. One lady phoned in to say that she hadnít been able to find it for less than £300. Well, I saw it for £90, and thought that was too expensive, and so thatís one I havenít got yet!

All for now,
 Beanie Bye Bye,

love Wendy

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