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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News   1st December 2005

Hi there! Not long to Christmas now, and what a change in the temperature. Suddenly it is really winter. We have had some pretty hard frosts, and the other afternoon, while I was up the garden, we had a couple of flurries of snow! Nothing to compete with blizzards experienced in some parts of the country! Still, I am sure there will be plenty more to come, - maybe we will even get a white Christmas this year.

 Lots of new Beanies again this month. Plenty to fill your Christmas stockings!

2005 SIGNATURE BEAR the bear
CHARMING the horse
FLURRY the bear (Learning Express exclusive)
HAPPY HANUKKAH the bear (Ty Store exclusive version)
HAPPY HOLIDAYS the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive)
HAPPY HOLIDAYS the (Garfield) cat
HOOPS the bear
ICEPACK the polar bear
ICING the seal
LOONG the dragon (Asia-Pacific exclusive)
MUFFLER the bear (Ty store exclusive)
PLUFF the cat
PRIMA the bear
SEASONS GREETINGS the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive)
SENNA-KUN the dog (Japan exclusive)
SENNA-KUN the dog (Japan exclusive-different coloured paw pads)
SHOOTING STAR the bear (Harrods exclusive)
STUFFINGS the turkey (November 2005 Beanie 0f the month)
TITAN the great  dane 

There are also three new Jingle Beanies;-

GIFT (JOY) the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive)
GIFT (LOVE ) the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive)
GIFT (PEACE) the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive)

Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year!

love xx

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