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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News   5th January 2006

Happy New Year to one and all!
Hope you had a really good Christmas. We certainly did, enjoying the company of good friends and family.

We are now trying to shake off the excesses of the festive season, aided and abetted by long walks in the snow with our two dogs.

Lots of new Beanies to look out for as the new year kicks off. Without more ado, here's the list :-

2006 the bear
2006 ZODIAC DOG (Asia-Pacific exclusive)
ARIZONA the bear
CHITRAKA the cheetah (Ty Store exclusive)
ENCHANTING the horse
FLICKER the mouse (the December 2005 Beanie of the month)
HUG-HUG the bear
U the bears
KISS-KISS the bear
NEW YEAR the bear (Ty store exclusive)
PABLO the penguin
PUP-IN-LOVE the poodle
ROMEO and JULIET the monkeys
SOUTH CAROLINA the bear (South Carolina State excl)
TYRONE the moose
UNIQUA the uniqua
WISCONSIN the bear (Wisconsin state exclusive)

Just one new Beanie Buddy bear:-


Have a good time seeing the new year in - we will! More nexe month

love xx

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