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(Collectors Corner)

Beanie News   1st March 2006

Beanie news. 1st March 2006.

Hello, How are you all ? Hope you are managing to keep warm. We no sooner seem to get an odd day or two of springlike weather then the temperature absolutely plummets again! It was lovely and sunny this afternoon, and I managed to get a few jobs done around the garden, but the soil was frozen solid!

I have dwarf irises opening up on my rockery now, and they are beautiful, especially the deep purple ones.

Just a short list of Beanies this month:-

LOVE U MUM the bear
PATTY O'LUCKY the bear (Ty Store exclusive)
PUNCHLINE the chihuahua (Ty Store exclusive)
ZOOMER the monkey(February 2006 Beanie of the month)

A bit of a rest for collectors this month!

See you in a months time (don't blink)

love xx


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