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East Sussex - Iron Country
(Collectors Corner)

Beanie Update
8th November 2000.

by Wendy

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Well, no sooner do I get my collection up to date than out comes another new release of Beanie Babies. It is a veritable baby boom this time too, with 28 new additions to collect!

They are as follows :-

ARUBA the angelfish
BANANAS the orangutan
BUZZY the buzzard
CHINA the panda
HOWL the wolf
HUGGY the bear
LURKEY the turkey
OATS the horse
PELLET the hamster
PRINCE the frog
SLAYER the frilled dragon
SPECKLES the E-Beanie bear
TRICKS the dog
WHISKERS the dog

There are also representations of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. These are :-


Pictures of all beanies can be found on our Beanie Checklist Pages

As if this was not enough there are also new British and Canadian exclusive bears! The British one is called Buckingham, and has a crown embroidered on his chest, and the Canadian one is called Chinook, and is white with red maple leaves scattered all over him. Very pretty!

I believe there may also be a new Japanese exclusive bear too, but as yet I have not got any details of it.

Speckles the E-Beanie bear is the first Beanie exclusively available on the Ty internet site. I did log-in to the Ty site hoping to be able to order one for my collection, but you have to live in America in order to be able to do so. I found this very disappointing, especially as it was very reasonably priced at just 5 dollars plus p&p. Come on Ty, how about making it available to the rest of your loyal collectors outside of the U.S.A?

I have just about filled my third chest of drawers, and so it looks like a fourth one may have to be installed to house all these new additions when they start becoming available. Space is soon going to be a problem, still my daughter is off to university next week, perhaps I can stash some in her room for a while!

It would be interesting to know where some of you  other Beanie collectors store your Beanies. Do you have a novel way of displaying or storing yours? Why not tell us about it?

All for now, more Beanie news soon.

love Wendy

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