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East Sussex - Iron Country
(Collectors Corner)

Beanie Update
Beanie News 21st January 2001.
by Wendy

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Hi there, and a slightly belated happy new year to you all! Hope you had a good Christmas, with plenty of Beanies in your Christmas stockings! I deliberately held off buying any myself before Christmas, just in case anyone wanted to buy me one for a present. Guess what? Nobody did! Still it was just as well that I had quite a few to get, as when I eventually managed to track down a Buckingham Bear I had to buy ten other Beanies in order to purchase it. I don't know about anywhere else in the country, but down here in the South East Buckingham Bear remains very hard to come by. The shopkeepers I have spoken to tell me they are only being sent twelve in any one order,
whatever the size of that order. The only Beanie I have been unable to find so far to complete my collection to date is Lurkey the turkey. I am still searching.

I did actually have one Beanie for Christmas, but it was somewhat belated, as I did not receive it until last week. My husband told me he had got a Christmas present 'on order' for me back in November, but that it would not be delivered in time for Christmas. Imagine my surprise and delight when last week he presented me with Nipponia (the Japanese exclusive bear)! One of his Japanese workmates went home to Japan for Christmas and New Year, and my lovely husband got him to search one out for me.

The latest release of Beanie Babies may cause problems with purchasing, as out of the eight listed four are bears. If retailers insist on other purchases to get them it means having to buy a lot of repeat Beanies.

The new ones are;-
Dinky the dodo bird
Eggs the bear
Flashy the peacock
Hairy the spider
Hopper the bunny
Issy the bear
Shamrock the bear
Smooch the bear

Looking around the shops yesterday I spotted another new one, which for some reason does not appear to be on the Ty web site list of current Beanie Babies. It is a multi coloured cat called Kaleidoscope.

By the way, did you know that there are two versions of Roxie the reindeer? It can be found with either a black or a red nose!

My three chests of drawers in the hall have now been joined by a storage box, and I still do not have enough storage space. My 'Zodiacs' are still adorning the living room bookcase. I think I may have to get a second box to stack on top of the first!

 Hope 2001 is a good year for you all.

Happy Beanie hunting!

All for now- love Wendy.


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