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East Sussex - Iron Country
(Collectors Corner)

Coins - Touch Real History
by Dave Wood

Coin collecting is as old as ancient Roman coins themselves. The Romans collected Greek coins for their beauty and skill of production. However, for me there is also the added quality of handling history directly. History in a book is fine but however skillfully narrated it must remain essentially dry. Handling an ancient coin of Rome allows one to touch the exact same objects that those ancient people touched and used every day.

What might this coin in your hand buy two thousand years ago, was it used to buy bread, weapons, tools or for gambling. The answer is probably all of these things. Coins may not talk beyond their portraits and legends but they certainly unlock the imagination and allow you to mingle amongst people from millennia gone by.

Surprisingly the cost of Roman coins need not match the excesses of your imagination. A bronze coin from the 1st century AD perhaps of Rome's first emperor Augustus or Nero or Claudius will cost little more than a quality book on their lives and times.

Throughout the history of mankind coins have played their part. As in ancient Greece or Rome the coins of this country carry embedded in them the touch of Saxon times, medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan and so on. An Edward I silver penny from the time of 'Braveheart' or a portrait of Elizabeth I on a silver sixpence are only two examples of touching real history. Once again for little more than the cost of owning the history books.

So should these few words have whetted your appetite to learn more and maybe share the same experiences that I have, then why not give me a ring (01580)-881659.



I can provide a special display case containing 2 silver denarii and 2 bronze coins from the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. Each of the 4 coins are guaranteed genuine ancient artifacts, and are fully described. The case measures 7" x 5" and allows both sides of the coins to be viewed. A clear display stand is also provided. The cost will be in the region of 80.00 so please give me a ring if you are interested or merely require more details (01580)-881659.

If you are a collector, of Coins or anything, we would love to hear from you.
Tell us about your collection, especially if it is interesting, unusual or amusing.

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