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Mad Jack Fullers Follies

There are a number of strange buildings in the area
Follies are defined as buildings with no main purpose, we have many in the area, most being built by "Mad Jack Fuller" at a small village called Brightling .

Mad Jack or John Fuller was the son of a wealden ironmaster who owned the Crall Furnace at Heathfield. He also owned the mansion adjoining the Church and the Brightling Estate . The Family became famous for its iron furnace at Heathfield which produced guns and cannons for the navy, and the forge at Burwash Weald which produced a wide range of implements for agriculture and family use.

But he is mostly remembered for his collection of Follies which are visible arount the area.

here for details of Brightling.

Brightling Needle
A 40 ft high obelisk built on the top of the hill at Brightling , used as a beacon point during the Napoleonic Wars, and now by the Ordnance Survey as the second highest point in Sussex.
The Sugar Loaf
This was known as Fullers Point, and was built to win a wager made by Mad Jack, that he could see the Spire of Dallington Church from his house, which he could not.
The Temple
This is a small temple/Summer House, in the grounds of Brightling Park, built to resemble a Greek Temple.
The Observatory
This is built on the top of the hill at Brightling , and for many years famous for its instruments. This area is also believed to be the place that Turner, the landscape painter, did many of his paintings.
The Watch Tower
Again built by Mad Jack , it was believed that it was built so that he could watch the restoration of Bodiam Castle, which he had previously bought.
The Pyramid
Built in the churchyard this was to be Mad Jack Fullers mausoleum. It was only allowed to be built by the Rector if a new Public House, replacing the one opposite the church, was to be built 1/2 mile away. This is currently a public house and restaurant known as the Jack Fullers . One final legend of the Pyramid, was that Jack Fuller was buried inside, sitting up wearing a Top hat and holding a bottle of claret, this may or may not be true.
The Wall
Although not strictly a folly, the wall was built all round Brightling Park, which provided employment to the poor in an area of high unemployment, towards the end of the iron industry in this part of the country.


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