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Textus Roffensis

(1125AD )

Front page of the Textus RoffensisThe Textus Roffensis was compiled at Rochester during the time of Bishop Ernulf of Bec(1115-1124) in the reign of William I of England .
It is a book created by the monks of the church of Rochester in Kent containing a register of royal charters and grants to Rochester Cathedral.

The following details The Textus Roffensis is more properly two distinct books, though written at about the same time, and largely by the same scribe, which were only bound together some time after 1300.

The first part contains one of the most important of all surviving collections of Anglo-Saxon laws, from the conversion of King Aethelberht of Kent to the coronation charter of King Henry I of 1100.

The second part is the oldest and most precious of the cathedral registers. It can best be described as a memorandum book, created for ease of reference and security. Both parts were compiled in part from individual or single sheet original documents or exemplars, many now lost, in part from the collective memory of the cathedral community.

Further details and page images are available from the Medway City Archives - search for Textus Roffensis .

Villages Referenced

Brasted  -   (Doctor to King George III)
Chiddingstone  -   (A perfect Tudor village)
Crowhurst  -   (Village devastated by the Normans)
East Peckham  -   (Centre of the Hop Industry)
Edenbridge  -   (Roman Crossing to Victorian Bridge)
Hadlow  -   (Mays Folly - 150ft tower)
Hamsey  -   (Abandoned Saxon Island)
Herstmonceux  -   (Castle and Observatory)
Hever  -   (Anne Boleyn and the Castle)
Ightham  -  
Offham  -   ( Chalk Pit and the Battle of Lewes )

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