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A. E-Mail Links
If you want to link one of our village pages to all your e-mails
please here.
This will allow you to let your friends and family see the village
or town you live in just by clicking a link at the bottom of all your

Web Site Links

Would you like your Web site to Link To VillageNet?
(Note :- we will always provide reciprocal links to
 non commercial sites if you let us know via e-mail)

Please follow the following instructions :-

1. Choose from one of the images below.
2. Right click on the image with your mouse.
3. From the menu choose [Save Picture  As].
4. Insert the Picture on your web page and ensure
    that the html is as follows.

<a href="http://www.villagenet.co.uk">
<img src="FileName"></a>

Where FileName is the name of the VillageNet image from step 3.

VillageNet Link Images Dimensions Size
269 x 51 2K
201 x 41 1K
150 x 50 4K
100 x 35 2K
100 x 35 2K
100 x 35 12K
100 x 35 22K

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