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After a number of years of successful operation we at VillageNet would like to
 offer the following FREE service to businesses based within our area. We feel
  that as a significant number of visitors have come to our site within this period, that we should provide a new service to the business community.

We realise that many of the businesses located in our area are small and cannot afford to advertise, or are unsure of the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet to local people.

 For this reason we are providing the following FREE starter service.
Our normal business options are still available, and are there to provide an enhanced service.


Please NOTE - entries marked with a * are needed to submit your entry.
All entries will be checked before submission to the site.

First name *
Last name * 
email *
Please ensure that the e-mail address above is current, as we will send an e-mail to you for confirmation of your entry before it appears on the site.

Please choose the village where your business is located:-
Please enter the Name of your Business :-
Please enter a business category that your business can be found in:- *
Please enter your phone number including the area code as (01234)-876543
(only local phone numbers are accepted)


Small Print:-
This is a FREE service provided by VillageNet.co.uk
By filling in the form you are accepting our terms and conditions as laid out below
1. Only one FREE entry to the VillageNet site will be allowed,   multiple submissions will be
2. Your entry will be displayed as input,
    if you require a change to any entry, we may require a service charge of 5.00.
3. Your entry will expire 1 year after you submit the information.
    For entry next year you will need to resubmit your information.
4. No support will be implied or provided for this service.
5. VillageNet reserves the right to insert or remove entries at any time.
6. VillageNet may use your e-mail address to send information about our service
    and or advertisements.
    However we will not knowingly pass your details on to third parties.
7. The information provided to people accessing the VillageNet web site
    will be limited to Your Company Name, a business category and phone number only, if you  
    wish for web site links or detailed  page information click here for other
business options.
8. We reserve the right to refuse an entry, if we feel that the information provided is not
     acceptable to our site which is viewed by all age ranges.
9. We may change the category you have entered if we already have a similar one in our
    Lemon Pages business section.


If further clarification is needed, or contact required.

Phone (01424)-777954
Fax: (0870)-137-7175
or E-Mail sales@villagenet.co.uk


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