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Kent & Sussex Village name Derivation
For the villages and towns that VillageNet covers in Kent and East Sussex
these pages shows the origination or derivation of the place names.

Piddinghoe -to- Rusthall
Piddinghoe piddinghoe

Piltdown Piltdown is derived from the Anglo Saxon Pylca Dun which translates to the Hill of the Pelts, so this is likely to have been rabbit or deer skins.

Platt Platt is another village that seems to be derived from the Anglo Saxon Plett meaning sheep-fold.

Plaxtol This village derivation is still being researched

Playden Playden was probably derived from the Anglo Saxon Plega Denn meaning a clearing in the forest where the people from Rye came for their sport or pastimes, possibly the training area for the local militia.

Plumpton plumpton

Polegate Originally known as Powlegate a gate by a pool, this was renamed in the mid 19th century when the railways came to this area to the current Polegate.

Punnetts Town Punnets Town is a derivation of Pannets Town, this is from a local gentleman farmer Anthony Pannet who owned a farm in this area in the 1600's and presumably created a small hamlet for his farm workers.

Pyecombe pycombe

Reading Street & Ebony This village derivation is still being researched

Ringmer This village derivation is still being researched

Ripe This village derivation is still being researched

Robertsbridge It is believed that the name of the village was derived from the bridge built by the 1st abbot - Robert de St Martin, abbey records show it as 'Pons Roberti' which translates from the Latin to The Bridge of Robert.

Rodmell rodmell

Rolvenden This village derivation is still being researched

Rotherfield Rotherfield is an old Anglo Saxon name that has changed over the years from Hyroera Felde meaning Cattle or Oxen field.

Rottingdean rottingdean

Ruckinge This village is a Saxon village one of the first to be settled by the Saxons around 470AD.

Ruckinge is derived from the Anglo Saxon Hroc(Rook) inge(fort or stronghold) so most likely the Rook Fort probably due to the birds nesting in the area.

The place names ending in ing,inge or ings were usually found on higher ground, or in places which control strategic points, and appear to surround areas first settled by the Saxons.

Rushlake Green Rushlake Green is probably derived from the Norman rische lac meaning a lake/stream surrounded by rushes.

Rusthall Rusthall is from the Anglo Saxon Ruste uuelle meaning the well which is rusty as per the chaleabeate springs in Tunbridge Wells. Well water containing a high level of natural iron.

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