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Hey Presto - The Magician
(Wendy Mansfield)
I grew up in Hawkhurst, and have very fond memories of the annual magic show that was held by Mr West, who then lived in Copthall Avenue. As children my friends and siblings regarded "The Magic Show" as one of the highlights of the year! Maybe there are some old Hawkhurstians out there who share these memories.

Every Year to our village hall
There came a cunjurer, thin and tall
His magic tricks amazed us all
Both young and old would watch enthralled

Cards would vanish and appear
usually from someone's ear !
Bouquets of bright exotic flowers
Were cunjured by his magic powers.

Bits of string, though cut in half
Would somehow become joined up fast.
Strings of flags went on for ever,
Hist tricks to us seemed very clever.

An empty baking tin he'd take
And somehow he'd produce a cake,
It seemed a miracle to me
As I watched in wonderment and glee.

But the best trick, there is no doubt of that
Was pulling a rabbit from a hat,
Always saved until the last,
With wonderment it made us gasp.

Then with magic incantations said
He'd wave his wand across its head
Shout "Abracadabra, have no fear
Hey Presto !make it disappear".

The audience did clap and cheer,
Then the show was over for the year,
But he'll be back again, you'll see
To amaze the adults, kids and me !

Wendy Mansfield

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