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Aelle the Saxon

477 - 506
The only details we have on Aelle come from the Saxon Chronicles

In 477AD Aelle came to Britain and his three sons Cymen Wlencing and Cyssa, with three ships, landing at a place called Cymensora. There they killed many Welsh/British, and drove some in flight into The Weald.

In 485AD Aelle fought the Welsh near the landing place at Mearcredesburnan.

In 491AD Aelle and Cyssa besieged Anderida , near Pevensey, and killed all who were inside, so there was not one Briton left.

Aelle and his followers spread from their landing place at Shoreham throughout East Sussex in a matter of decades. Aelle became the first Saxon King of East Sussex .

A more detailed page on Aelle can be found on this link.

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