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(large wooden Coat of Arms)

Description :- 
Details :-
A hatchment was a lozenge shaped wooden board that a noble family was allowed to carry at a funeral, it showed the coat of arms of the family, many have ended up hanging in churches throughout the area.
Use :-
The hatchment was carried at the funeral, then would be hung outside the notables house for up to a year, then would have been hung in the family chapel, or church.

The design of the hatchment shows a number of things:-
A black and white background with the left being black shows that the notable was male, married and died before his wife.
A black and white background with the right being black shows that the notable was female, married and died before her husband.
A black background and single coat of arms was for batchelors or spinsters.
A lozenge shaped coat of arms shows that the notary was female.
A split coat of arms shows that the notary was married.

This custom came into fashion in the 1600 and some of the last ones were made during the 1940's.

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