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Horsham Tiles
(Roof Covering)

Description :- 
A Horsham Tile is a roof covering made from a type of sandstone with similar characteristics to slate, i.e. can be broken along the grain to produce tiles.
Details :-
The slabs vary in size on many of the roofs we have seen from large tiles about 18 inches by 1 ft and 1 1/4 inches thick to small ones about 10 inches by 8 inches and 3/4 inch thick. They were produced by a quarries which accessed the beds of Horsham sandstone.

Horsham Stone is a cretaceous sandstone found in a semi-circle from Crawley to Horsham and south-east towards Brighton . The stone used in a number of local roofs for many of our early buildings were often found by digging alongside the construction, quite often producing village duckponds.

Finally an industry providing the stone slates built up around the Horsham area.
Use :-
Horsham Tiles are only used for roof covering, and were probably very expensive at the time of manufacture, so there are a limited number of buildings that we have found them on. A number of churches have them, many only have the tiles on the lower edges of the roof, probably due to their weight. Usually the tile size reduces as you proceed up the slope of the roof, again indicating problems with weight.

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