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Tapsell Gate
(Kept Cattle from the Churchyard)

Description :- 
The Tapsell Gate was used to prevent cattle breaking into a Churchyard.
Details :-
The gate is usually a five barred gate, but with the unusual feature of a central post on which it hinges. The central pivot meant that the gap for the animals to pass through was unusually small, which prevented large animals passing through.
Use :-
The gate was designed and built by a carpenter from Mountfield in Sussex during the mid 1700's. There are two we are aware of, these are in East Dean and nearby Friston near the coast in East Sussex between Eastbourne and Seaford .

Villages Referenced

East Dean  -   (Fishing and Wrecking)
Friston  -   (Home of the Railway Children)
Mountfield  -   (17th Century Coal !!)

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