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Sussex Trug
(Measuring Container)

Description :- 
A Sussex Trug is a type of basket, which is made from chestnut and willow. They were brought to public attention by Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux who displayed his trugs at the Great Exhibition of 1851. The name Trug comes from the Anglo Saxon "trog" a wooden boat shaped vessel.
Details :-
The trugs are made by cutting the handle and rim from sweet chestnut using a cleaving axe. A drawknife is then used to remove any splinters and to smooth the wood. The wood is then bent round a former to create the shape. The next step is to cut wide strips of willow, which are soaked in water then nailed onto the handle and rim.
Use :-
Sussex trugs were originally farming implements, being used for the measurement of grain or animal feed. They are now used exclusively as gardening or as gardening related containers. Their uses include collecting weeds, harvesting garden produce, or for displaying fruit , vegetables or flowers.

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